Create A Culture Of Confidence

Whatever your legal issue, you need to work with an attorney who can set you up for long-term success. MAG Law, PLLC, identifies your best options for future legal success.

Real Estate, Estate Planning And Construction Law Guidance In The DFW Area

Developing Pathways To Success

The legal world rewards foresight and attention to detail. At MAG Law, PLLC, our firm works toward a clear goal:

To create long-lasting solutions that serve your interests and priorities. Founding attorney Martin Garcia is a well-respected lawyer with years of experience in real estate law, property development and estate planning. He can help you narrow in on your specific goals and find a legal strategy that facilitates your needs.

The MAG Law, PLLC, legal team understands the ways legal issues impact individual and business growth. After years of helping high-asset clients find legal solutions that maximize their time and investments, we are an ideal choice to help you do the same.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

Mr. Martin A. Garcia has nearly 14 years of experience with the title industry. Get complete answers to your real estate law questions.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Our law firm aids businesses in both buying and selling property that is crucial to their development and growth.


Estate Planning And Probate

We are patient and thorough guides for individuals and business owners creating or administering estate plans.

Creating Strategies That Work For The Full Life Of Your Investments And Property

There is no one-size-fits-all legal strategy, and any attorney who tells you there is will not give your case the personalized attention you need. Our firm creates a personally tailored legal plan for you by following a series of critical steps, including:

  • Speaking with you about your ideal outcomes to identify clear goals for your situation
  • Exploring your full array of options and explaining the potential benefits and drawbacks of each
  • Creating a clear step-by-step plan that resolves your issues
  • Pursuing that plan with detailed attention, considerable nuance and complete dedication

​Moreover, as we develop a strategy for the problems you have today, we keep your future in mind. MAG Law, PLLC, a closing fee office for Magnolia Title, understands the value of a long-term investment, and we prioritize options that achieve sustained success. This includes offering estate planning services that create a design for your property after you pass away.

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